Introducing the 50T Interceptor from Hydrofoils Incorporated. This fifty-foot high performance vessel is powered by twin 1840hp marine gas turbine engines and provides a safe, stable, comfortable ride while traveling at extreme speed.

The main cabin rides above the water, virtually eliminating wave impact traditionally associated with current hull designs and technology. Since the majority of the Interceptor is out of the water at speed, there is virtually no wake and no significant water displacement. This technology allows us to go faster and be more fuel efficient than all other marine designs of similar size and power.

The Interceptor can be configured as a pleasure craft or a defense, commuter or rescue/interdiction vehicle with various capacities. She can be ABS, DNV or HSC certified.

400hp of eco-friendly electric power and retractable foils provide for silent operation and ease of use when docking, close maneuvering and shallow water operation.

The proprietary technology incorporated into the Interceptor’s design provides an inherently stable, extremely fast marine platform that has evolved over sixty years of on water testing.

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